Wi-fi Marketing

WiForia’s SaaS platform turns Public Wi-Fi into a marketing communications channel. Suitable for locations where there is high recurring footfall, WiForia is an effective solution for enhancing your customer’s brand experience, resulting in more sales, enhanced loyalty and ROI.

Personal Offers
Highly personalised offers sent directly to your customer’s mobile as they enter your location
Generate trade advertising revenue by offering highly targeted location based advertising to your customers
Customers try in-store and then buy online. A targeted offer on store exit creates an omni-channel bridge
The omni-channel kind. Target customers online based on their activity in store, and send in store communications based on their recent visits to your website.
Show Rooming
Turn showrooming to your advantage, connect customers in-store to your wider product range, ratings, reviews and buying guides you've built online.
Pop-up wifi
Sponsoring events? Pop-up Wi-Fi gives people a reason to interact with your brand, a positive shopper experience and a chance to build relationships
Surprise and Delight
We believe that surprise and delight is the key to building loyalty rather than habit
How can I use Wi-Fi marketing?
Welcome back, your favourite washing powder is on offer, 2 for 1 in store today. For more offers for you, click here www.yourstore.com
Welcome back, check out the new range of Brand X super sharp razors in health and beauty, and click to download their new men's grooming guide
Welcome back, your favourite washing powder is on offer, 2 for 1 in store today. For more offers, click here www.yourstore.com
Thanks for visiting our store today. You can buy all our products and thousands more at our website. Order in the next seven days and get free delivery with this code: WNNTKDFN
Welcome to our store. Our massive range of TVs are on the third floor with big savings on large screen HDs. Our team are experts on all things telly, and would be happy to help.
Welcome to our store, we’ve over 2,000 products on display, and another 10,000 on our website, click here to check the full range www.yourstore.com
Great to see you again, grab a free soda in our café on us, just click here for your voucher, www.yourstore.com


Enhance your customers' retail experience by providing them with personalised offers as they enter the store resulting in greater sales and loyalty.
Connect your digital and physical stores to deliver targeted offers, communications and content to enhance the brand experience.
Bars and Clubs
Bars & Clubs
Drive more footfall, frequency of visit and encourage customers to stay longer resulting in more sales.
Engage with customers in restaurant and use as a powerful tool to drive upsell and provide more reasons to come back.
Enhance the visitors’ experience by providing timely reminders and offers to upsell the customer and encourage them to spend more.
City Center
City Centre
As cities become more ‘connected’ enhance the visitors experience by driving them to tourist hotspots and local restaurants, supporting the local economy.
Drive footfall into retail outlets and encourage customers to stay longer and spend more by connecting them with contextually relevant offers.
Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Cardboard isn’t cutting it. Wi-Fi marketing enables real-time, highly targeted communications with customers at point of purchase.


Become a WiForia partner and turn Wi-Fi into a marketing communications channel for your customers. We help you provide a value added service that helps you monetise location, deliver more recurring revenues and a greater return on a customer’s investment in Wi-Fi. Our industry partners are some of the leading names in Wireless networks with more to follow.